Rock Creek Puppies

Matching each person with a puppy for a long term relationship.

About Us

Experienced Breeders

We have been breeding dogs for many years. Our farm is in North Central Nebraska. We live 4 miles from the Niobrara River. The adult dogs can run free most of the time on our section of land.  Rarely do they venture past the quarter mile driveway.  We have regular trips to our Veterinarian. Occasionally the bigger dogs get to go hunting. We love our dogs and they love us.

About our dogs

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Our Adult dogs were carefully selected from good bloodlines. Most of them are registered with AKC, APRI, ICA, and/or ACA. Some our dogs have award winning parents . We have a variety of personalities. Miniature Goldendoodles can range from energetic to snugglers; all are smart and easier to potty train than most breeds. Labrador Retrievers are loyal and like exercise.